Residential Painting

Whether you need interior or exterior painting, Jayco knows the job. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle any painting or restoration project around your home. No job is too small or too large. Click here to learn more...

Garage Floor Coatings

Extend the life and increase the beauty of your garage or basement concrete floor with our waterproof epoxy coatings. Choose from the wide range of ITW IMPAX coatings. Click here to learn more...

Related Services

It happens... Your home painting job uncovers an area requiring carpentry repair, water leak repair, or something else. When Jayco is there, you don't have to call anyone else. We know how to fix these things, and fix them right. Click here to learn more...

About Jayco, Inc.

Our roots go all the way back to a local father and son business that began by painting barns and houses in 1976. Don't let this fool you though. As one of the largest paint contractors in Central Pa, we can handle any size job, while maintaining our old fashioned family values. Click here to learn more about us...


Jayco owns its own painting equipment. This means we don't have to rent substandard or abused gear to do your work. It also means we have tools the other guys don't. Click here to learn more...



"I am very pleased. The crew from Jayco was very particular, and the job turned out quite nicely." -Dave, Mifflinburg PA

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